Lightning struck and burned a house in New Jersey: tri-state thunderstorm and more to come

Rain in New York.

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

Lightning would have caused a fire reported yesterday afternoon at a multi-family home in Irvington (New Jersey), during the electrical storm that also hit NYC.

The cause was lightning, according to tenants who were inside the home on Springfield Avenue at the time. “I had never seen anything like it”, Philip Vigo, owner of the house, told Pix11. “I have some men who were working next door, they came looking for me. They say there was a fire on the third floor ”.

At 10 pm last night, neither the city nor the Red Cross had arrived to provide temporary shelter for the displaced, who lived in apartments on the second and third floors.

The lightning tore a hole in the ceiling and the flames spread rapidly, but not to the adjacent buildings.

Irvington Deputy Fire Chief Kaimu Suggs says lightning caused at least one other nearby fire. “There was heavy smoke on various sides of the structure. For the most part, the fire was at the rear of the structure when officers finally entered. We had several fires, two in other blocks and this one too ”.

In NYC rain is expected again today (51% possibility), tomorrow Thursday (40%), Monday (55%) and Tuesday (35%). Weather updates can be found here and on the National Weather Service (NWS) NY website.

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