Light woods for fresh and authentic environments

Create more luminous, serene environments with incomparable natural beauty with the help of light woods.

Wood is a material that will never go out of style and one of the few that allows us to unify the design of our homes. In addition to combining with almost all decoration styles, it brings personality and warmth like none other.

Contrary to dark tones, light woods they reflect light better, helping to give a feeling of spaciousness and transmitting natural freshness to every corner of your home.

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The finish of your light woods is key, so we recommend choosing them raw, protecting them with oil finishes or opting for ecological water-based varnishes with a matte effect to preserve their natural character.

Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to include light woods in your environments is with your furniture. Furniture with simple lines is usually sober and functional pieces, which you can find in all trend styles, such as Scandinavian, minimalist, japandi and even retro.

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The floors made of wood have always been a way to infuse any environment with style. Using light woods on these large surfaces will achieve a more serene and visually pleasing result.

Although wood is usually the star of your furniture or floors, it is still perfect to cover the walls from your house. In addition to the characteristic thermal and acoustic properties of the material, the walls covered in light woods add a magnificent modern touch to your interiors.

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Light tones are the sweetest version in the world of woods, so they look fabulous when you apply them on the bedroom and especially in the Headboard from the bed. If you want to decorate warmly these accents are a must.

The toilets and the kitchens They are usually one of the environments that most benefit from greater luminosity, for this reason light-toned woods are ideal. In addition, they get along very well with a variety of textures, they generate a nice contrast with black details and combine perfectly with light, neutral colors and especially white.

Being such a noble material, you can find endless of accessories Y decorative elements Made of light woods, which together with other elements, such as your furniture, floors or walls, will transport this style to every corner, achieving a harmonious and professional finish.

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