Liga MX will not forgive fines for relegation, says Mikel Arriola

The President of the League MX, Mikel Arriola, spoke of the supposed proposals to eliminate the fines for finishing in the last places of the Percentage Table and assured that they cannot be eliminated in the middle of the season and the teams must pay the 240 million.

In an interview for Diario Récord, Arriola spoke about the fines and the economy that Liga MX and Liga de Expansión are currently experiencing.

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“The Assembly’s agreement is clear and it must be fulfilled, today we are in the middle of the Ascent and Descent pause and the subsidies for the Expansion teams have already begun to be given, today the resources are greater than the Promotion League, for the subsidy and for television rights, and I can say that today no Expansion League team is losing money and it is a big step ”. Said the President.

Mikel Arriola, who lives his first months in the position, has already toured all the teams and mentioned that Liga MX is one of the most valuable in the world.

“Soccer is 114 billion pesos what we are worth, almost 2,220 million dollars, in terms of value and you realize that few leagues in the world are worth that.” He said.

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