Liga MX: Wanchope Ávila, former Boca Juniors, was close to reinforcing Club América

Ramon Avila, former Boca Juniors forward, revealed that he was very close to reinforcing Club América in Liga MX, but it was details that prevented his arrival at the Coapa team.

During a press conference, ‘Wanchope’ Ávila, who currently plays for Minnesota in the MLS, acknowledged that he also had ties with Cruz Azul, but it was America that was the closest to strengthening.

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“Obviously the League is very tempting and so competitive that all the players want to experience it. From Cruz Azul they communicated with my representative, but where I had the most opportunities and could never be reached was America. It was a pending account and due to different circumstances it was not possible to reach a good end, but they were interested ”, Wanchope confessed.

In addition, ‘Wanchope’ Ávila accepted that he likes to play where they show interest in him, and if América at the time showed interest in his services, he admitted that he would like to play with the Eagles in the future.

“I like to play soccer wherever and wherever you see a real interest, you will be comfortable and available,” he concluded.

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