Liga MX: Víctor Manuel Vucetich and Andrés Lillini are incompetent, says Álvaro Morales

Álvaro Morales, ESPN commentator, criticized Victor Manuel Vucetich already Andres Lillini, for the terrible tournament of both the Chivas and the Pumas of the UNAM in the current Clausura 2021 of the MX League where both teams are out of the repechage zone.

Álvaro Morales, through his official Twitter account, assured that both the Chivas coach and the CougarsThey have been a couple of incompetent, Vucetich and Lilini, why they have not been able to get their teams from the bottom of the table.

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“Vucetich, the former ‘King Midas’ and Andrés Lillini, have behaved according to the expectations that there are about the so-called greats like Chivas and Pumas, who are not, of course, so both have behaved like a couple of incompetent . ”, Declared the ‘Brujo’ Morales severely.

“That’s the qualification I give them, they have been a couple of incompetent. From good sources, I know that in Guadalajara they still don’t understand Vucetich. While Lillini was given the tie in a foul that did not exist, but this is the reality of Pumas and Chivas. ”, He added.

At the moment, Chivas and Pumas are out of the repechage zone with the same 13 points in place 15 and 14 respectively, so they still have options to qualify, since they are two points away from Querétaro that holds the 12th place with 1 units.

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