Liga MX: Toluca FC would lose money with a possible sale of Michael Estrada to Europe

Michael Estrada, Ecuadorian striker for the Red Devils of Toluca, could go to football in Europe for the next 2021 Apertura Tournament of the MX League after the Copa América, since the player’s representative could place him in a club in the old continent, but the scarlet painting would not come out very well from that operation.

According to information from Juan Carlos Cartagena in the El Rincón del Diablo podcast, he revealed that Estrada has a market in Europe, which has been reduced due to its weak Copa América, although its representative could place it in the football of Poland since there would be a team interested in their services, although Toluca could lose money in that sale.

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“Michael Estrada has a market in Argentina with Boca Juniors, although he would also have it in Europe since his representative could place him after the Copa América, although Toluca would not win what was thought in a possible sale with Estrada.”

It should be remembered that Boca Juniors, according to various information, would have already launched an offer to Toluca for Estrada, which would be around 2.5 million dollars, although for now apparently, the Devils would want to get more cut for the attacker and with a possible sale Europe, they wouldn’t get that money either.

In the Clausura 2021, Michael Estrada played a total of 17 games, 14 of them as a starter, in which he managed to score six touchdowns.

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