Liga MX: The detail that separates Joel Campbell from reinforcing Rayados de Monterrey

Rayados de Monterrey would have reached an agreement with the Club León team to reinforce themselves with Costa Rican striker Joel Campbell for the next Liga MX Apertura 2021 Tournament, but despite the fact that the directives of both squad have already reached a agreement, a detail would be missing for everything to be finalized.

According to information from César Luis Merlo, León and Rayados already have an agreement for the transfer of Joel Campbell, but it would still be necessary for the player to negotiate and confirm his contract with the Monterrey team for the 2021 Apertura.

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As detailed in the information, the negotiations between the Campbell representative and the Rayados board of directors are expected to last a few days but it is hoped that they will reach good terms so that the player is in the ranks of the team led by Javier Aguirre.

“Agreement between Rayados and León for Joel Campbell to go to Monterrey. It remains for the soccer player to agree to his contract. ”, Revealed the Argentine journalist on his social networks.

Winger Joel Campbell came to Liga MX in 2019 as a reinforcement of the Esmeraldas de León, where he has 83 games played in all competitions with seven goals scored and five assists in five tournaments.

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