Liga MX: Santiago Colombatto places Club León as the rival to beat in this tournament

The Argentine footballer Santiago Colombatto Club León in the MX League, placed his team as the rival to beat and the favorites for the championship, above the Blue Cross in this TOrneo Guardians 2021.

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León is the team to beat until today, those who come to play here are killing each other, he is the last champion and everyone wants to win. I think we are candidates because they have been doing things well for several years, “said Santiago Colombatto.

The South American media spoke in an interview for the portal I am Fiera, where he made it clear that they are the rival to beat and you can see when the other teams go to the Nou Camp stadium, they play to kill each other against the current champion.

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Achieving a two-time championship is a great responsibility, it is to show that the last tournament was not a coincidence, we have to improve and there are five dates that will be important to get closer to that, “he said.

Santiago Colombatto also highlighted the objective of being able to achieve the two-time championship, since this would make it clear that what was done in the previous tournament was not due to chance, but because of the good work done by the entire institution.

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