Liga MX: Rayados de Monterrey would look for Agustín Marchesín as reinforcement

With the Closing League 2021 at the door, stove football is already on fire in the MX League, because now the rumor of the possible signing of the goalkeeper has been uncovered Agustín Marchesín with the Rayados de Monterrey, this after the last failure of the goalkeeper of La Pandilla, Hugo González, in the Classic Regio against the UANL Tigres who ended up losing in the Volcano.

González has not finished curdling in the Monterrey goal in two different stages, being the target of signaling by the fans due to his constant mistakes, so it is now rumored that Rayados would be looking for a reliable goalkeeper, having on the table the name of the former Club América, Agustín Marchesín.

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According to reports from Multimedios, Agustín Marchesín would be among the options that Rayados manages to relieve Hugo González in goal, although it was not specified when they would bid for the transfer.

How much would it cost Rayados to sign Agustín Marchesín?

The signing of Agustín Marchesín seems not very viable, since the Argentine still has 2 more years of contract and at 33 years of age, his letter has been revalued in European football, where it has doubled its value.

Marchesín was bought in 2019 by Porto in exchange for 7.7 million euros, when it was valued at 4.5 and is now valued at 9 million, which is why it is somewhat difficult for Rayados to pay that amount.

Marchesín has played 79 games for Porto, leaving his goal scoreless in 39 games.

With the Dragons, Marche has already played 11 Champions League games, leaving his goal unbeaten 6 times.

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