Liga MX: Ramón “Monchi” Rodríguez highlighted the importance of the Mexican in the Old Continent

Ramón ‘Monchi’ Rodríguez, sports director of the Seville, said this Thursday that the Mexican player already has the pace and competitiveness necessary to succeed in the European leagues.

“The toll has already passed, the border between Mexican football and European football has managed to mature the two qualities necessary to play and succeed in Europe, rhythm and competitiveness,” he said during his speech in a virtual forum organized by Liga MX, Mexico’s first football division.

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‘Monchi’ stressed that this step has been transcendental so that currently more than a dozen Mexican elements have activity in the different European football leagues.

“Jesús Corona (Porto), Hirving Lozano (Napoli), Andrés Guardado and Diego Lainez (Betis), Héctor Herrera (Atlético de Madrid), all are successful players who are succeeding in Europe and there are many others who have the quality and that is why they play in this football, “he acknowledged.

Ramón Rodríguez recalled that in his role as sports director he had the opportunity to have Mexican players during his time in Italian Rome, in which he had Héctor Moreno, and, in his current club, Sevilla, where Javier ‘Chicharito’ played Hernandez.

“Both Javier and Héctor are easy players to manage and to empathize with; they are an example of professionals, I have fond memories of both,” he added.

‘Monchi’ shared the work philosophy that he has implemented in Sevilla and explained his way of facing the transfer market against the elite of millionaire European teams.

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“The players who come to Sevilla are from a different market than the most powerful teams in Europe. We are looking for players with a medium profile. Our most expensive signing is 23 million euros, any English club has spent much more than that.”

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