Liga MX: Mohamed confessed to having played a game against narcos

More than two decades ago, the ‘chubby’ Antonio ‘E Turco’ Mohamed wasted magic on the fields of Mexican Soccer dressed in the mythical shirt of the Toros Neza, a team with which he was very close to achieving a league title in a final in which they fell to the Chivas Rayadas of Guadalajara in 1997.

Mohamed is one of the foreigners who most fondly remembers the fans in the MX League and recently he made a revealing confession of his time in the horned team, assuring that on some occasion they had to play against a team made up of drug traffickers.

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In an interview for ESPN in Argentina, El Turco was sharing various topics with the journalists of FShow, one of his programs, releasing the tremendous revelation.

“We had to go play a game in a house near Querétaro against the team that they (the drug traffickers) had. What were we going to play, we were screwed up! There had already been a contact through another boy, we didn’t know who they were until a couple of years later you see a photo and find out. He was someone well known, “said the Turk.

Despite the tension of the moment, Mohamed made it clear that they never felt fear for any situation, confessing that they had time to share food with the hosts, who “took the victory in the game.”

“Obviously we lost, but the truth was we were not afraid, we had a good time with due precautions, we ate and left, we arrived at 11 in the morning and returned at 5 in the afternoon. We arrived in Querétaro and from there we left. They took them in trucks, you don’t even want to see where you are, “he recalled.

Mohamed gave details of that ‘conviviality’ with the Mexican bosses, recalling how they prepared the food with which they chatted that afternoon

“They prepared a wooden coffin, the grill as a closed oven, with coal above and below, inside a sucker and that was the best of all, they prepared about ten.

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