Liga MX: Mikel Arriola confirms the return of the eLiga MX 2021

The executive president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriola, announced the second edition of the eLiga MX BBVA MX which will have as a variant the participation of professional Gamers, however, the participation of footballers is not ruled out.

The leader of the mexican soccer confirmed that the scopes obtained in the eLiga BBVA MX during the first edition they generated interest to promote a second edition.

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“The Liga BBVA MX does not want to lag behind, since Mexico is the largest market for the video game sector, we are bigger than Brazil. The ‘gamers’ have positioned themselves’ being influencers ”, assured Arriola.

“The prize awarded to the eLiga BBVA 2021 is a place in the North American playoffs that qualifies for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2021 where the best in the world compete for the title. The ‘gamers’ participate with the players that they want to choose from any team or the one they are representing, ”said Mike.

The 18 Liga BBVA MX clubs will participate, divided into three groups. The regular phase consists of five games for each club and a total of 45 games will be played between May 4 and 15.

For the qualifying phase, the best two from each group will advance. Subsequently, a triangle will be played in a ‘Round Robin’ format between the third places to add the two best third places among those classified.

The final phase will be played with eight qualifiers from the quarterfinals to the final. The match will be played in roundtrip for a total of 14 matches and will take place between May 29 and 30.

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