Liga MX: Luis García reveals strong lawsuits with Christian Martinoli on TV Azteca

The success achieved by Christian Martinoli and Luis García in the broadcasts of the soccer matches of the MX League and the Mexican National Team it is unquestionable; the pair of pelafustans from TV Azteca have dominated the sports narration market with their irreverent style, dethroning historical microphone that reigned from the competition, first in Televisa Deportes and now on TUDN.

The chemistry achieved between Doctor García and Martinoli was immediate, although it has not always been at the top, as Luis himself has confessed that on more than one occasion he has had his disagreements with the rapporteur, accepting that both have ‘a strong character’.

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In an interview with his former partner in TV Azteca, Ángel García Toraño, Luis García revealed some lawsuits he has had with Martinoli in these two decades of being a duo in the broadcasts of the Ajusco television station, one of them when they first met.

“We have fought twice, I started very magnanimously in Azteca Deportes and I very butt told him ‘take me’ (To Copa Libertadores) we went to Argentina to do the Cruz Azul match against Boca, so I very butt told him ‘I want to know what What does a reporter do? I’m like a baby, if I don’t eat and I don’t sleep, then fuck my life, I throw down the table, I make a shit, ”Luis began by recounting.

“In Argentina it happens like in the United States and in Europe, the hours are from 2 to 3, I was already savoring the fucking meat, the rice and we finished at 5 in the afternoon, we go to the grill and there is nothing to eat So I went crazy and told him ‘you think you are the owner of Buenos Aires, fucking enlarged, son of your f …’, I spat 20 thousand bullshit, ”García commented with a laugh.

But that was only one of the great fights between Martinoli and García, because years later and again in Argentina, the Doctor and his partner again disagreed in a ‘tour’ planned by Christian, because he does not like this type of actions and prefers improvisation when it comes to ‘sightseeing’, so he sent the narrator through a tube and ‘pulled’ Jorge Campos to embark on an adventure on his own in the pampas.

“Two teams were made and I remember that Campos, who doesn’t even drink natural water, and I told him ‘you fuck off and you’re going with me, we’ve known each other for 20 years, you’ve known this asshole for three minutes.’ Campos and I went To taste the wine. It was because he was very fucking logistical and I told him “you’re going to fuck off, fucking boss of …” We have fought twice in 20 years, “he said. +

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