Liga MX: Johan Vásquez launches challenging message; “Pumas cannot be underestimated”

The footballer of the Pumas de la UNAM, Johan Vasquez made it clear that despite the situation of the University students they cannot be considered dead in the face of the Liguilla, besides that they cannot blame Andres Lillini of the bad moment.

The feline defender said that those responsible are the players and they must achieve the qualification despite being in position 14 of the General Table, otherwise, it would be talking about a failure.

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“We cannot cover this situation, it would be a failure for us. I have to make something clear, we are the ones who play, it would be a failure but Pumas cannot be classified as dead and we saw the last tournament that everyone threw at us. I do not consider myself dead or feel dead or out of the tournament.

“Lillini, Israel and the management are the least guilty. Lillini cannot be blamed, in Mexico they go easy on the coaches and we are the ones who play, we cannot stain the Pumas jersey. Lillini grabbed the team three days before and we have not supported it as it should, we forget who has given us the opportunity and who has been there as a father, “he said.

“We cannot let go more points, we have to feel as if we are in the backyard of our house, we cannot play nervously, we have to have personality and there is no more losing or drawing.”

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