Liga MX: Javier Alarcón launches a message of support for Cruz Azul prior to their semifinal duel

Sports journalist Javier Alarcon from Imagen TV, launched a message of support for the Cruz Azul team prior to their duel against the Club Pachuca, within the semifinals of the Guardians Tournament 2021.

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The Celestial Revolution. FREEDOM: go out with ease and mind only set on today. EQUALITY: play face to face on any field. Attack with trade and order. FRATERNITY: solidarity effort. Respond with a title to unfounded suspicions of dishonesty. Is IX coming? “Were the words of Javier Alarcón.

The communicator launched his message through his social networks, where he asked for a Celestial revolution highlighting that they must play fluently, you for you in any field and respond with a title to the unfounded suspicions that have existed against.

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The team of coach Juan Reynoso starts its semifinal series against Club Pachuca as visitors, so the communicator asked them to seal this championship that becomes the ninth of. the history of this institution

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