Liga MX: Hernán Cristante shows his face after the elimination of the Red Devils from Toluca

The strategist of the Red Devils of Toluca, Hernán Cristante ended up hurt after Cruz Azul’s comeback in the Aztec stadiumHowever, he is not afraid that they will classify the elimination as a failure, as he claims to be calm because of the way Toluca competed against the leader of the Clausura 2021.

“We knew it was going to be a very complicated tournament in many ways. I am grateful to the boys and proud of this team because we compete against the greats,” he said.

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“Today (Saturday) hurts because one always aspires for something more, but I am calm. We know what is next and we have to be focused. I am not afraid of the word failure,” he said.

The Red Devils They had irregular performances throughout the semester, but they closed in good shape and almost gave the surprise to La Maquina.

“I am proud to have this team. The boys gave everything, I thanked them when the game ended. They made a great effort and endured various things. Now we had to dance with the ugliest,” he said.

“I think the team did well, it was not clear where they could hurt us. We made the best possible approach. Learning will always be about the same thing,” he added.

Hernán Cristante is confident that Toluca will have a notable improvement in the 2021 Apertura and that he will not suffer from the percentage issue of the 2021-2022 season.

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“This is a big team and we have to behave as such. The average is something circumstantial. We have to recover, we cannot be so low. We have to rebuild it,” he concluded.

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