Liga MX: Gil Alcalá says goodbye to Gallos Blancos with an emotional letter

The archer of the White Roosters of Querétaro, Gil Alcalá said goodbye to his team, remembering how he started in professional football, with an emotional letter where he shows his great affection for the Queretaro institution.

“I still remember that June 2013 when I arrived with a backpack, some studs, a pair of gloves and a million illusions,” recalled the now former goalkeeper of the Gallos Blancos del Querétaro.

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“I knew that you and I wrote some part of each other’s history, some pages would be of happiness, others of difficulties but all of learning, and in the end that is what I take from you, my dear Club Querétaro. Today I have to say goodbye, but first I want you to know that I will always be grateful for all the opportunities you gave me, from teaching me to sing your songs from the stands, to making my debut in the cup, from trusting me and making my debut in the league to allowing me to play. a league in my first full tournament, you gave me a place to live, teammates who became friends that I treasure, here I got married, my son was born and I started a family ”.

“Infinite thanks to the Querétaro Club and to all those who make it up: directive, coaching staff, goalkeeper trainers, office equipment, props, masseurs, gardeners, nutritionists, doctors, chef, security team, podiatrist, alvarito, polito, al gran said who got ahead of us on the road, but above all to you, that although our walk was full of ups and downs, you did not let me go at any time and your demand made me be even better, I will always carry you in my heart because as we promised some day, we swear to love each other until death and after death to love each other more ”.

“Thank you for always and the greatest of all the successes, dear Club Querétaro.” Gil Alcalá leaves the Gallos Blancos after two tournaments in the First Division, playing 26 matches with the Queretaro shirt.

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