Liga MX. Gerardo Arteaga launches harsh criticism against Mexican footballers

Gerardo Arteaga, current player of the KRC Genk from Belgium and Santos Laguna youth squad, launched a harsh comment for the Mexican soccer players of Liga MX, as he assured that they complain about everything and are not professionals.

In an interview for ESPN Digital, Arteaga He assured that he had colleagues in Mexican soccer who always complained about training, something that is not seen in Europe, because in the old continent each element knows what to do and they do not have to walk “behind them” taking care of them.

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“I say it because I saw my teammates from Mexico, the way they train, the way they complain about everything, how they work, what they do off the field, from your meals, from your break, from all that. Here, in Europe, I have not seen any player complaining about something, complaining about some training, complaining that they are tired “

“Here, you cannot be told things to do them, you know yourself what to do, how you have to do it. Besides, if it is what you do, if it is your dream, you know that you have to do it with professionalism and dedication … “

Gerardo Arteaga also commented that this lack of professionalism is what ends up making few Mexican players go to Europe and manage to consolidate, because they do not adapt to this lifestyle.

“In the dining room, their meals, their diets, their hours of rest; Everything here is very different and I think that is what the Mexican player lacks, really, because without that, without professionalism and without that dedication to get things done, I think it will cost you here in Europe, I think it will not give you to get here “

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