Liga MX: García Aspe explodes against the bad work of the Var at the start of the league

The sports analyst Alberto Garcia Aspe of the chain Fox Sports MX, exploded against the use of VAR within the MX League, due to what was experienced in the first day of this league Guardians Tournament 2021.

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Again the VAR is wrong; It is a very clear out of place in the goal of Atlas. The VAR is a real disgrace in Mexico “, were the comments of Alberto García Aspe.

The former footballer of the Pumas and Club América spoke on the program ‘La Último Palabra’, where he attacked against the use of VAR in Liga MX, considering it a disgrace after what he experienced in the quarterfinals.

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Alberto García Aspe was clear in his opinion about what happened in the Atlas and Puebla duel, where the goal that gave the red and black victory was practically out of place and the central whistler did not go to check this important tool.

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