Liga MX: Erik Lira reveals the secret of the improvement of the Pumas de la UNAM

The Pumas de la UNAM closed the last tournament in an incredible way, which led them to the final against him Club LeonHowever, today the reality is different, but university students still hope to get into the Liguilla del Closing 2021, so expressed Erik Lira, who related how the previous semester has helped them to come out of the bad streak.

“We went game by game. The players and the coaching staff locked ourselves in an auditorium and said: ‘Let’s see, we have to see each other’s faces, it’s us, there is no more, we don’t have to do it for anyone. We are going to do it for ourselves, for the family that is outside, for the people who trusted us and we are going to give it. There are no egos here, we are all the same here. ‘

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“Then training by training and day by day, the team improved and one as a player felt better because, for example, the training sessions became more demanding and Andrés (Lillini) tells us that it is very difficult to choose at 11 and who plays or what touch to be on the bench is to slap him and tell him that we are with him and if you get tired there are 10 beasts behind that will do the same or better, “he said.

The Pumas of the UNAM They are in position 13 of the General Table and this weekend they will receive the Tigres in a match where the options of the Pumas to be in the Big Soccer Party will be defined

“The team is more unique than ever and we know what we are playing for and how important it is, and we can do it.

“We did it at the beginning of the tournament, the path goes differently, but the objective is the same, we know that it is not where we have to be or where we are capable. We have seen improvement in the last games, we like these games with pressure and it is a good moment to show what we can aspire to, “he said.

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