Liga MX: Erick Aguirre and the detail that would prevent his signing with Rayados

The Rayados del Monterrey have once again become the center of attention in the Liga MX transfer market, heading for the Opening tournament 2021 after revealing that they would be about to sign offensive midfielder Erick Aguirre as his reinforcement.

Despite the fact that there have already been approaches to obtain their services, both directives present differences in the negotiations that could cause the transfer of the Mexican offensive to the gang to fall.

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According to information from Sergio Treviño, correspondent of Fox Sports in Nuevo León, the Rayados de Monterrey would be offering two players and money to sign the youth squad from the Hidalguenses, while Grupo Pachuca is asking for the figure of $ 6 million for the player.

“For Erick Aguirre they ask for a minimum of 6 MDD and Rayados offers 4 and two players. Grupo Pachuca wants only the money, we will see how it ends,” he wrote.

It should be noted that the Rayados de Monterrey also have the Costa Rican attacking midfielder in their sights Joel campbell as a possible reinforcement for the Apertura 2021 tournament of the MX League, before the imminent departure of Dorlan Pabón.

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