Liga MX: Enrique Burak and the reason for his “hatred” of football

Enrique Burak, narrator for the TUDN network, revealed details about his “hatred” of football, despite the fact that at the beginning of his career he was quite passionate, in addition to being a supporter of the Águilas del América.

In an interview with Toño de Valdéz, Burak stated that it is quite “easy” to generate controversy when throwing at Mexican soccer, since most of the fans are too passionate and get hooked on any comment to the contrary.

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“On the one hand, throwing football is very fun, because they give you material for comedy, there are people who are very passionate, then you just say something and you know that you are going to light them, then you just enjoy the fire”

However, this is not the only reason for his comments, as the narrator declared that it seems incredible to him that, having other athletes who have achieved greater achievements and on more occasions, all the attention goes to the Mexican National Team, which never achieves pass from the same place.

“You have these athletes from our country who break their mothers to be able to get a sponsorship, to be able to travel, to be in international competitions, to have blank, that many of them are among the best in the world, and that you are thinking of arriving to a fifth game that is the equivalent of the quarterfinals, which for one of these athletes to reach the quarterfinals is a resounding failure “

“But there are all the eyes and all the attention and to a large extent the culprits are the media that we do not disclose the history of all these athletes”

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