Liga MX: Eduardo de la Torre affirms that Cruz Azul did not play as the leader he was against Toluca

The sports analyst Eduardo de la Torre of the chain Fox Sports MX, was upset and stated that the Cruz Azul team did not play as the leader it was against the Toluca, in their first leg match in the quarterfinals of Guardians Tournament 2021.

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Cruz Azul did not play like the leader he was, which ended up being in the championship. He did not play purposeful and chose to be well grouped behind. In the end, it did not work out and many criticisms will come ”, were the words of Eduardo de la Torre.

The former sports director of the Cementero team spoke loudly in ‘La Último Palabra’, where he was upset with Juan Reynoso’s approach to the match, assuring that this is not the Cruz Azul of the regular role.

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Eduardo de la Torre was direct when analyzing the performance of the Machine in the first leg at the Nemesio Díez stadium, ensuring that he did not play proactive in search of only the result and far from his style, for which he expects strong criticism.

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