Liga MX: Director of Pachuca reveals why Lainez went to Club América

The Real Betis footballer, Diego Lainez passes its best moment in the Old Continent since it arrived in 2019, to such an extent that it is intended Atlético de MadridGiven this and after rumors that his departure from Pachuca was due to Bullyng, Rembert Vromat denied that version.

“Diego’s departure had nothing to do with bullying. We are a club that maintains very high integral values, and his departure had to do with the number of minutes of play,” Vromant revealed in an interview with AS.

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“Most of the players who leave, it is because they lack the minutes that they believe they should deserve. His brother, Mauro, was with us until he debuted, there is a very good relationship between Pachuca and the family, both with Diego and with Mauro, “he added.

In addition, the manager of the Bella Airosa club considered that there are young people in the team who, like Lainez, can make the leap to the Old Continent.

“I do not have a crystal ball, because there are many factors that must come together for this, but I am convinced that young people who are in the first team have a lot of projection, such as Kevin Álvarez, who is an international promise; Roberto De la Rosa, who has an impressive scoring talent; Bryan González, a 2003 left-hander with the ability to play outside; José Eulogio Téllez.

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