Liga MX: David Faitelson launches program on YouTube with an ‘old acquaintance’

Controversial and irreverent as the solo, the journalist of ESPN, David Faitelson, will continue giving something to talk about on social networks, because now he will extend his area of ​​debate to the platform Youtube, where he launched his new channel called ‘My passion’, promising that he will bring back an ‘old acquaintance’ of the public who follows his work, as he will once again carry out the color reports that he did in the beginning on TV Azteca.

The most outstanding ‘student’ of José Ramón Fernández, commented that in the space of The color He will tell some anecdotes, explaining the situations that were experienced to make that report, key moments of the event, promising that they will be very interesting for his followers.

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Faitelson said that he will be totally open to criticism for his work, as long as they are directed with respect towards his work, or towards him, but he wants to have a feedback loop with his audience.

“I will accept any type of criticism, as long as it is respectful, when it does not carry a line of respect, we are going to discard it and I would like to hear your point of view,” said David.

In addition to the color reports, Faitelson commented that he will also have reports on prominent sports figures, so some interviews are not ruled out in his space.

The name of ‘My Passion’, according to Faitelson himself, arose from the passion he has for sports journalism and the way he expresses himself, remembering that he has more than 35 years of career in this medium.

“I am going to explain in the piece of ‘El Color’ some anecdotes, how it was lived to make that report, what was the key moment. I think it can be a very interesting dynamic for all of you,” added Faitelson.

Who is David Faitleson?

David Moshe Pulido is the name of the Israeli-born Mexican sports journalist.

Faitelson is of Jewish descent through his father, as well as having Cuban-Spanish roots through his mother’s side.

The journalist was born in Israel after his father had to leave Cuba, where his wife lived, who was denied access to Mexican territory after the Cuban Revolution.

His career as a journalist began at TV Azteca, when it bore the name of Imevisión, being one of the pillars on which José Ramón Fernández relied, whom David recognizes as his mentor.

In Azteca, Faitelson was an important part of DeporTV’s panel of journalists. In this company he was able to cover 6 World Cups and the Olympic Games from 1988 to 2008.

After more than 20 years in Azteca, Faitelson resigned from the television station to follow in the footsteps of José Ramón Fernández, who had been fired from Azteca and had enrolled in ESPN, a company where they have already been for 13 years.

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