Liga MX: David Faitelson considers that Cruz Azul was harmed against Toluca by arbitration

David Faitelson, a journalist for ESPN, assured that the arbitration damaged Cruz Azul in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Clausura 2021 of the MX League against the Red Devils of Toluca on the Nemesio Diez field.

Faitelson, on his official Twitter account, assured that Cruz Azul lost the match against Toluca because the referee scored a non-existent penalty in favor of the scarlets.

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“Cruz Azul lost in Toluca with a penalty invented by the referee …”, Faitelson said on his official social networks.

However, specialists in the arbitration issue such as Felipe Ramos Rizo, assured that the play was well marked and that there is no controversy in this regard.

With the final result of 2-1, Cruz Azul only needs to win a goal to zero, as long as Toluca does not manage to convert a goal on the Azteca Stadium field due to the goal of the away goal.

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