Liga MX: Cruz Azul was about to rob Daniel ‘El Russo’ Brailovsky from Club América

The story could have been totally different for the Argentine Daniel ‘The Russian’ Brailovsky, a former figure of Club América who is classified as one of the legends of the cream club despite having only played for three seasons with the Eagles, since the Argentine was very close to signing for the Cruz Azul Cement Machine, the team that had contacted him a year before I saw it Panchito Hernández.

In an interview with the journalist Javier Alarcón, the Russian Brailovsky He closed the talk with a flourish, assuring that he was within walking distance of wearing the shirt of one of the rivals of the now club of his loves, since Billy Álvarez had approached his representative in the 82-83 season, a year before arriving to the Nest of America.

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“The first team that was interested in me, from Mexico, was Cruz Azul, Billy was at this (very close) to bringing me a year since I came to America, thank God he did not bring me,” he commented in an interview with Javier Alarcón.

In that Cruz Azul team, figures such as Ricardo Ferrero, Sergio Rubio, Marcelino Bernal, and La Maquina were only two years old, since in the previous decade, those of La Noria had swept Mexican Soccer, conquered six league titles, 1 Mexico Cup, 1 Champion of Champions, 2 Concacaf Champions League, in addition to a runner-up in the league in 1981, 2 runners-up in the Mexico Cup and 1 more in the Champion of Champions.

With América, Brailovsky played three seasons, winning the first two seasons, in addition to the Prode 1985 Tournament, but an earthquake in 1986 caused his retirement from Mexican Soccer due to fear that had caused him.

The Russian had a second stage at Club América, now as a coach, directing the creams between 2007 and 2008, signing a record of 14 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses. With Brailovsky, the Eagles scored 37 goals and conceded 25.

The Russian won a title for the Coapa showcases, since in his tenure he won the 2008 Interliga, precisely against Cruz Azul in an exciting penalty shoot-out.

In addition to that trophy, Brailovsky led the eagles to the final of the South American Cup, which they lost due to a ‘change in the regulations’, since the overall of that series ended in a tie at 4 goals and was defined by the criteria of goals of visitor. The Eagles had lost 2-3 in Mexico and won 1-2 in Argentina.

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