Liga MX: Cruz Azul is already working on the renewal of Orbelín Pineda

The Cruz Azul Machine begins to work on the renewal of several players whose contracts expire in the coming months, the most important being José de Jesús Corona and Orbelín Pineda.

In an interview for W Deportes, Victor Velazquez, president of the Cruz Azul oversight council, indicated that they are already in talks to renew Orbelín Pineda, but if the player has any offer from the old continent, they will not block his departure.

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“We will continue in talks with both players. If Orbelín wants to play abroad we do not put any obstacles and with “Chuy” we are doing well “

In the case of “Chuy” Corona, who recently turned 40, Velázquez commented that the renovation is on the right track, although he did not reveal more details of this negotiation.

Regarding what the past administration left in the team, Víctor Velázquez revealed that they have found “details” in contracts and player purchases in previous years and are already investigating those cases.

“We have found enough findings in contracts and purchases of some players and transactions that the auditors are currently working with this information”

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