Liga MX: Cruz Azul favored against America? Ramos Rizo criticizes the penalty marked La Maquina

Felipe Ramos Rizo, former referee and ESPN analyst, assured that the penalty that Cruz Azul was sanctioned during the Clásico Joven against Club América was badly sanctioned and that therefore, La Maquina was favored in the match on matchday 15 of Clausura 2021 of Liga MX on the Azteca Stadium field.

During the Futbol Picante program, Ramos Rizo assured that the penalty in favor of Cruz Azul cannot be scored, because the ball first hits Mauro Lainez on the foot and that rebound makes it go to hand later, so It is not punishable and a decision that harmed America.

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“Not all hands are penalties, better say that all hands are penalties and we get out of trouble. See where Lainez leads his hand, on his back, how he is going to occupy a space where his hand is behind him. It hits him because the ball passes between the feet, it does not go directly to the hand. ”Explained Ramos Rizo.

“What Lainez does is put his hand behind his back to show that he has no intention of playing the ball with his hand. He doesn’t hit the ball, he doesn’t try to play. He tries to remove his hand, he has it completely behind. ”, He added.

In addition, Felipe assured that the penalty in favor of America is criminal, since the entry against Álvaro Fidalgo cannot be seen in the first instance, since they cover many bodies and that is why he does not see it, and then the VAR rectifies it. and you can mark it without any problem.

“I don’t see any doubt about the América penalty, the same body of the Cruz Azul player covers Guerrero and he can’t see that there is an entrance down and that’s why later he decides to go to the VAR, and if it’s very clear.” .

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