Liga MX: Club Puebla renews one of its figures until 2023

The Colombian midfielder from Puebla, Omar Fernandez, extended his professional link with the Strip and has renewed his contract until 2023, as the Club announced on social networks, which ‘turned on’ the fans, as he is one of the Club’s figures.

In social networks, the club made official the extension of the Colombian contract, who arrived in the Strip in 2018, and who has become one of the best players on the team.

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“We chose to fulfill the wish of @EdieHdez and thousands of Enfranjados! Today, Omar Fernández has renewed his contract with #LaFranjaQueNosUne. El Parce will continue to wear the and until 2023!”. Wrote the team in networks.

Omar Fernández has played 97 league and league games with the Puebla Strip and has scored 6 goals with the Strip shirt.

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