Liga MX: Christian Martinoli banned his daughters from being Club América fans

Christian Martinoli, narrator and fan of the Red Devils of Toluca, once again made clear his ‘hatred’ against Club América, assuring that at home no one can be a fan of the Aguilas squad.

During an interview for Roberto Gómez Junco’s YouTube channel, Martinoli revealed that he prohibited his daughters from being fans of America, due to the great animosity he has towards the Coapa squad, although he clarified that he will not force them to go to him either. to Toluca.

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“Once my daughters, who do not like soccer, but they know that I am dedicated to talking about this, my daughters told me: ‘Hey dad, are those from America really bad enough not to go to him?’ that we can never go to America in this house. I don’t know if they will want to go to Toluca, but never to America, “he acknowledged.

However, Gomez Junco insisted to Martinoli that there may be a possible ‘betrayal’ of his daughters and that they are secretly fans of America, to which Martinoli replied bluntly that they cannot do it for the world and he will not allow it.

“You can’t go to America in this house, not in this house, if they still want to continue and have them pay their tuition and everything, in this house they can’t go to America. Luckily neither of them like soccer very much”, joked the irreverent TV Azteca narrator.

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