Liga MX: Chivas ‘increased’ its financial crisis with the elimination in the Repechage

The defeat before Tuzos del Pachuca in the phase of Repechage of Clausura 2021 of Liga MX not only represented a hard blow in the sports project of Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara with Victor manuel Vucetich Y Ricardo Peláez, as it also had an important economic impact due to the loss of a bonus for broadcasting rights of their matches.

According to information revealed by the columnist of the newspaper Reforma, Sancadilla, Chivas He had agreed to receive a bonus for broadcasting rights of his matches in the Final Phase (Repechage and Liguilla) of the Clausura 2021 of the MX League from the television stations with which he has a contract.

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In addition to being the highest paid team in terms of broadcasting rights in their matches in Mexico and in the United States, Chivas would receive a bonus from IZZI, TUDN, TV Azteca and Telemundo, which did not come when they fell in their Repechage match, phase that they had to play as a visitor, which also represented a ‘loss’ for the flock.

Pachuca was the great executioner in this financial blow for the chiverío, because in addition to the four goals with which he eliminated them from the reclassification, the 5 goals that the Tuzos scored against Atlético San Luis in Day 17 influenced so that Chivas was seeded in ninth overall, playing the game in the repechage in Hidalgo, losing the opportunity to receive the bonus for the broadcast rights of that game.

That bonus could mean a break in their finances, because in that line, Chivas is not going through a good time and that would be one of the reasons why they would bet on keeping Víctor Manuel Vucetich in office and would look for low-cost reinforcements, such This is the case of Vladimir Moragrega, forward of the MX Expansion League who would arrive as a free agent.

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