Liga MX: Carlos Salcido returns to Mexican soccer as a manager in the third division

Former soccer player Carlos Salcedo returns to La Liga football FEMEXFUT, now as a director of Deportivo Ocotlán who will see action from the next tournament, within the Premier league from Third division.

According to information from the sports journalist Elías Quijada from Octava Sports, the team from the Carlos Salcido sports complex would be the new member of the competition, after a few years of absence from the club.

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Also former footballer Ramón Morales from Chivas del Guadalajara, will be part of this project as the team’s sports director, like his brother Carlos Adrián Morales will be integrated into this project.

Carlos Salcido the previous year was part of the nascent Mexican Football League, being named as its first president and resigning at the end of his first season.

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