Liga MX: Azteca Stadium will undergo further renovations towards the 2026 World Cup

The Aztec stadium, house of the Eagles of America, and the Cruz Azul Machine, will be remodeled for the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada, as confirmed by the Director of the Colossus of Santa Úrsula, Félix Aguirre.

The Azteca Stadium, since 2016, has entered a remodeling phase that, to this day, have not finished and are expected to continue for several years with the aim of having a top Stadium in the World.

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“We have to remodel and renovate, thinking in a centralized way to improve and make the experience of the superior fan. In terms of technology, we have connectivity issues and work a lot on the issue of mobility within the stadium, so that everything is much easier , and also mobility to get there “. Said the Stadium Director.

The Azteca Stadium will become the First Stadium to Host 3 World Cups, as Mexico will be the first country to have 3 World Cups.

A stadium was created that has many things thought out well ahead of its time. Of course, it is necessary to modernize and apply technology and signage, and basic service and restaurant issues. In short, 55 years ago, they thought of a stadium for the 21st century, they were innovators and visionaries. “Said Félix Aguirre.

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