Liga MX: Arturo Brizio clarified the controversy over the penalty in Cruz Azul vs Toluca

Arturo Brizio, president of the Refereeing Commission, presented his analysis of the controversial plays in the quarterfinals of the Clausura 2021 Tournament, where the penalty in favor of Blue Cross vs Toluca, and the penalty in favor of America club vs Pachuca, were the most anticipated plays.

In José Juan Vázquez’s penalty on Luis Romo, Brizio pointed out that the decision of the whistler of the match was the correct one, since “El Gallito” manages to hit the Machine’s player with his knee, which he ends up doing trip on.

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“The Toluca defender commits a reckless trip on his opponent, the point of contact is the defender’s knee on the attacker’s shoe, as shown in the image. The referee sanctioned a penalty and the VAR, through the silent review, confirmed the decision. It is a correct arbitration decision “

Regarding the penalty in favor of the Eagles, Brizio pointed out that Jorge “el Burrito” Hernández expanded the area of ​​his body by extending his shoulder and the ball hit below the armpit line, for which he was well penalized as a hand .

“In this play, the Pachuca defender plays the ball with his arm voluntarily, expanding his body and preventing a shot at goal. The ball hits below the armpit line. The referee sanctions criminal; the VAR, through silent review, confirms its decision. It is a correct arbitration decision “

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