Liga MX: Antonio Moya Espinoza, Cruz Azul partner, murdered with a shot to the head

The Cruz Azul cooperative member, Antonio Moya Espinoza, was shot in the head this afternoon while he was in a supermarket parking lot located between Obrero Mundial and Doctor Vértiz in the Narvarte neighborhood in Mexico City.

Moya Espinoza, 66, was a cooperative member of the Cruz Azul cement company and was about to enter the supermarket when he was attacked by an unknown subject in the parking lot, who shot him in the head.

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After the attack, the subject fled the place to an unknown destination, while the cooperative’s member was taken to a hospital, where he lost his life minutes later.

The SSC issued a file mentioning that the attacked person was identified as the Cruz Azul cooperative member.

The Cooperative has not yet officially expressed itself about this fact.

Witnesses assure that the attack was directed towards Cruz Azul’s partner, ruling out that it was an assault, so the motive for the murder is being investigated, suspecting a settling of accounts.

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