Liga MX: AMLO denies his son’s interest in buying Cruz Azul

After the rumors that one of the sons of the President of the Mexican Republic; Andrés Manuel López Obrador on par with Aztec TV they were going to buy the current Liga MX champion, Cruz Azul, the president himself denied that interest.

During the morning conference of the president of Mexico, AMLO, he came out to deny the information, assuring that creating such false news is the work of his immoral adversaries.

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“About two days ago a message came out on Twitter that one of my sons was going to buy the Cruz Azul team, imagine that. Slander when it does not stain soot. It is a maxim of journalism. “

“But how many people are left with that. I remember that for a long time one of my sons was taken out with a Ferrari and it was not him. The truth is, our adversaries are very immoral, “he mentioned in La Mañanera.

Similarly, La Maquina also denied the rumors last Monday: “Given the recent and inexplicable rumor, without foundation, about the alleged sale of Cruz Azul Futbol Club, we inform you that our team is not, nor will it be for sale “.

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