Liga MX: Álvaro Morales mocks the Pumas after the draw against Club Pachuca

The Pumas of the UNAM continue to go through a bad moment in the present Closing tournament 2021 in Liga MX, by rescuing an agonizing draw in local condition against Tuzos del Pachuca, in the action of matchday 13.

After the final whistle of the game, Álvaro Morales, the narrator and commentator of ESPN, He returned to do his thing against the University team to mock the equalizer they obtained against the Hidalgo in social networks.

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“The end of the Pumas game is already whistling.”

“Before the cougars made me laugh. I already feel sorry for them. #Pumasnoesgrande”.

“These Pumas are so bad that not even the carcinogenic sun works for them.”

“Hahahahaha A gifted penalty What luck.”

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“The biggest lie: arbitration helps America. But Pumas and Chivas.”

“They were saved from losing the Pumas with a penalty given away. But what a pity, they give it.”

“It amuses me that the cachuncitos are angry with me, but it’s useless. They should get angry with their players, managers and coaching staff,” he wrote.