Liga MX: Alberto Lati and the Russian Brailovsky live ‘disagreement’ because of Cruz Azul and America

Journalist Alberto Lati and the analyst and former player Daniel ‘Russian’ Brailovsky, lived a strange disagreement because of Cruz Azul and Club América and the differences they have with Chivas in the current Clausura 2021 of the MX League.

During the Fox Sports Radio program, the journalist and analyst got ‘hooked’ after a confusion in which the former América player thought that Alberto Lati had told him that he was useless.

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“Chivas did not seek to win yesterday, thinking only of the match against Santos, Cruz Azul and America have always sought to win, we must not enter into a useless debate that will not lead us anywhere.” ‘Russian’ got hot because he thought it was referring to him.

“Did you call me useless? if it was what I understood from what ‘Beto’ told me, but there can always be a complaint in between. “, he answered.

Given this, Lati assured that he would never rate a co-worker and less someone like the “Russian” Brailovsky, but André Marín continued to heat the matter by putting “spicy” comments about the confusion.

Finally, Brailovsky made ‘sense’ again by accusing Alberto Lati of calling him illiterate, when explaining how he wanted to say an expression.

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“APART FROM USELESS HE SAID ME ANALPHABETE”, the former América player accused the journalist.

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