There will always be the pink kiosk to let your imagination run wild and recreate the lives of those celebrities (that of some, perhaps less and less) that one would like to enjoy. The publications arrive this week loaded with references to the coronavirus and how it has disrupted the evolution of the world of the national heart. Although there is always a window to run away from COVID and in this case it opens “Hello” on its cover with a beach photo ofElsa Pataki(Who else!) In his Australian “paradise”. The magazine (which will arrive on Sunday at the kiosk with LA NUEVA ESPAÑA) lists the life of the actress and her family in the antipodes: there is or is not a coronavirus the month that they are not seen in the sand, surfing, splashing in the sea ​​and showing off their mountain bodies.

All in all, “Hello” dedicates the cover toEster Doña, widow of the Marquis of Griñón, who speaks for the first time after his death: “We both believed that he was immortal.” Confined to her home, she has not been able to say goodbye to her and she highlights “how loving” the children ofCarlos Falcóhave been with her. Another review for a sad farewell: that ofAlfonso Cortina, a great friend of Falcó. The businessman leaves a widowMiriam Lapique. Quarantine is happening in RondaLourdes Montes, woman ofFran Rivera. The Sevillian has been left (she and many more) without her beloved April Fair, but she is optimistic and already thinks about what will be done in September.Alice Campelosoccer player womanÁlvaro Morata, reveals that the child who waits will be that, boy, man. It will be the third of the couple.

Gianmarco and Adara, two televisions of the moment that want to take advantage of the pull, follow their own. This time he occupies the cover of “Lecturas” (on Saturday, at the newsstand with LA NUEVA ESPAÑA) to tell that he has gone to Italy disappointed: “I have been the fool who doesn’t find out anything.” The magazine reveals thatMaluplans to give birth at home to the son who is waiting withAlbert Rivera(of which nothing is known) for fear of catching it. With his sister in lawGloria CamilapassAntonio Davidquarantine. And the isolation has caught the son ofYvonne Reyesbirthday. The young man says that the problems with his father (he wants to show that he isPepe Navarro) have made him mature first.

In week”Rachel Mosqueracount your hardships. For her, like thousands of freelancers in this country, COVID has forced her to close her hairdressing business. Also her husband’s. In addition, his father-in-law has died and they have not been able to fire him.Ortega Canoquarantines away from his wifeAna María Aldón, which is on the island of “Survivors”. The magazine assures that this fact “separates them”. It is not known to whom: if the couple, if the family € “Week” also takes to cover the Kings of Spain and their work:Letiziaappears in a photo in full videoconference,Philip, with mask. He had to go to a gynecological examinationElena Tablada, who counts the hours to give birth.

The businesswoman makes a double because she also appears in the photo (along with her husband) on the cover of “Diez Minutos”, where they mainly deal withIsabel Pantoja. The singer says that she is having a “very bad” time and that she has “no desire for anything”. He passes isolation with his mother, away from his children and grandchildren, with whom he is in permanent contact. And sad situation that of the comedianArevalo, who announces that his daughterNuriahe has cancer. The artist puts a face to bad weather and appears in a photo with her, both smiling.