Life at risk ?, Eduardo Capetillo talks about his cancer

Life at risk ?, Eduardo Capetillo talks about his cancer | Reform

Is your life at risk? The beloved husband of Biby Gaytán, Eduardo Capetillo has broken the silence about the skin cancer that was diagnosed, a revelation that his son made on the YouTube channel of his daughters, while he was putting makeup on one of them.

The challenge was that, that the handsome actor put makeup on his daughter and it was quite fun; However, between recording things got serious when Eduardo Capetillo He confessed that he had been diagnosed with skin cancer and that there would be no more Sun for him.

The revelation of the beloved actor and singer alerted his followers since Capetillo did not give details about when the disease was detected, in what state he was or what treatment he had received, the fact that his life was at risk alerted many.

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Fortunately, everything seems to indicate that this condition of the famous was controlled and treated in time, due to the concern and interest of the Internet users, Capetillo decided to talk about his state of health.

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The ex Timbiriche He indicated that he appreciates the interest in his health and that everything is under control, only that he must carry out an analysis every year to make sure that everything continues like this and that there will be no more Sun for him and that on the days that there will be some solar rays on his person must be extremely careful with due protection.

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Eduardo Capetillo once again highlighted the importance of skin care, not exposing yourself too much to the sun and using sunscreen, these instructions were shared in the video of his daughters and he repeated them again for his Instagram account where he addressed a few words to those who cared about their health.

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Capetillo was one of the most handsome and recognized gallants of Televisa in his youth, where his beloved Biby Gaytán also shone in soap operas. The family was somewhat removed from the shows for a few years; However, now even the couple’s children have concerns about the artistic environment.

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