Lidom – solitary not hit difficulty

A total of 9 no-hitters have occurred in the history of the Dominican baseball league since 1951. That includes the summer between 1951-54 when 4 championships were held only on weekends because it was played without lights.

Three of those no-hitters have been by a single pitcher. The last of them on November 22, 1991 by Dennis Springer, a nudillista who pitched for Licey. That was 29 years ago.

Before, Guayubín Olivo pitched without a hit on May 29, 1954 for Licey against Escogido, in La Normal, a match that ended 3-0. Five years later, Stan Williams, from Escogido, shut out the Aguilas Cibaeñas at the Radhamés stadium Trujillo (today at Estadio Cibao), 5 for 0.

There were no no-hitters in the 1960s. It was on October 28, 1974, when the next one occurred when the Chosen One beat the Eagles 3-for-1, but without a hit. This time the North American Larry Gowell and Santos Alcalá were combined.

Right-hander Hiolito Pichardo, Carlos Maldonado and Aguedo Vásquez defeated the Aguilas 4-0 to win the Azucareros in a no-hitter game on December 3, 1991 at the Francisco Micheli, La Romana.

Another no-hitter occurred on December 22, 1999 at the Cibao Stadium when Miguel Batista, with 8 innings and 7 strikeouts, combined with Luis Andújar to throw no hitter for the Northeast Giants against the Aguilas. In this meeting there was a miscellaneous because in the 6th. inning Omar Ramírez had been scored with a hit, but it was “doubtful” and later scorer Nakin González reversed the decision to make the no hit official.

On January 31, 2008, Ervin Santana (6 innings), Damaso Marte and Carlos Mármol blanked 3-0 without a hit for Licey to the Stars in Santo Domingo. On January 16, 2014, 4 pitchers from Escogido dominated the Licey without hitting: Jon Leicester, Ramon García, Fernando Rodney and Armando Rodríguez. And finally, this Monday, November 16, the Bulls threw without a hit against Icey (2-0). Domingo Germán (4 innings), Jenrry Mejia, Pedro Payano, Anthony Gose and Tim Peterson.

At least in Lidom, where pitchers are asked for 5 “solid” innings, it will be difficult to run into a single pitcher again throwing no hitters.

OF INTEREST. The “enemies” of the Licey took advantage of this Monday by giving “rope” until they could not … It is that when a Powerful falls the others take advantage … Domingo Germán wants to take advantage of the scene of the Dominican ball to remind the Yankees that he continues to exist .. The story of this boy is out of the ordinary. He wasn’t in plans for 2019, but there were injuries and suspensions and he was the team’s leading pitcher with 18-4 and a 2.19 ERA, with 153 strikeouts in 144 innings. That winter, however, he got into trouble with his partner. , was accused of domestic violence and could not pitch in 2020 due to an 81-game suspension that the MLB applied to him for domestic violence. The Yankees held 60 games only, meaning that the remaining 21 are most likely still pending for next season..Here, he showed his strength by striking out 7 in 4 innings and could be in action all the time…. The abundance of good players Lidom has this year is remarkable… Take a look at each game, each club, and you will realize it… It includes veterans who are in their last days, but a lot of young talent who is a regular in the league older, like Victor Robles, the center fielder for the Washington Nationals, to cite one example. That will greatly benefit the championship, even if it is held without fans … The president of baseball operations of the Chicago Cubs resigned, the super known and successful Theo Epstein, who had been in the position since 2010 .. Epstein was captured from Boston, where he had awarded two rings to the franchise (2004 and 2007), after an 85-year drought… His position will be filled by general manager Jed Joyer… The possibility of Epstein taking over the vacant management of the Mets is cited, but that’s not safe …. Andrew Friedman ,. the general manager of the Dodgers, was elected Executive of the Year by the commissioner’s office … This year the Dodgers had the best record, 43-17, and were also the champions of the world series … Former pitcher Lindy McDaniel passed away yesterday at the 84-year-old … McDaniel pitched for 21 seasons between 1955-75, had a 141-119 record in wins and losses…. The San Carlos club leader Pedro Pablo Díaz will have surgery today by Dr. José Joaquin Puello … Hopefully everything goes well … José Gómez, manager of the Escogido, is in the house. He is affected by Covid-10, but he told me yesterday that he is recovering quickly… -Ricardo Carty finally suffered a fracture in his left knee as a result of a home fall .. They tell me that they may take him to Atlanta for an operation…. President Luis Abinader has offered his support for this operation… .In Peru two weeks ago they overthrew the president, they put another one who resigned two days ago, and yesterday they installed another… Tremendous madness…