Liberbank Gijón returns from the Canary Islands with three injured

Marizza Faria, with the ball, beats Yunisleidy Camejo.  |  Marcos Leon

Marizza Faria, with the ball, beats Yunisleidy Camejo. | Marcos Leon

Liberbank Gijón returned from Gran Canaria without points and with three injured players. The goalkeeper Meriem Ezbida suffered an elbow problem in the warm-up and only went out to try to stop a couple of penalties, Debora Torreira dislocated her finger practically on the first ball she touched and could no longer go out on the court and Marisa Faria seems to have a fibrillar tear in one thigh, but you have to wait a few days for the inflammation to subside to be able to confirm the extent of the injury. The Paraguayan center-back could not play throughout the second half and the team noticed it to the point that with her on the court the result would probably have been different. Three casualties that were added to the two they already had from home, Natalia Montilla and Laura Rivas, in theory, the two winners of the extremes, too many to win on the Rocasa field that in addition to having a much larger squad, up to 16 Players had the coach for this match, and with high-quality rotations they had the support of fans in the stands. The league break, until mid-January, will be good for the Gijon team to be able to recover Ezbida, Torreira and Faría since at the moment Cristina Cabeza only has 9 senior players, which would make it impossible to face any match. Liberbank Gijón has pending the postponement against Elche that must be played before starting the second round of the league, which will happen in mid-January. JJ reports