Artist, British and controversial, very controversial. They could be three basic characteristics of Liam Gallagher, making a special gala of the third in the last hours through social networks. The Manchester-born Oasis singer is a regular fan of Pep Guardiola’s City and takes every opportunity to comment on his team. This Thursday the possible new third kit that they will wear next season was leaked and has not left anyone indifferent.

The singer wanted to get wet on the new City kit

Among the followers who They wanted to pronounce on the design of Puma for the third option of Manchester City – Liam Gallagher was not lacking – true to his appointment with the controversy – who soon brought out his ironic humor, going over the line once more. The 47-year-old singer couldn’t think of a better idea than proposing to send the designer of the kit to Wuhan, the city where the first outbreak of COVID-19 occurred.

How to rectify is wise, Liam Gallagher decided to eliminate the controversial lines of his tweet in the last hours when seeing the controversy that had been generated. “Whoever was the designer of the new Manchester City kit needs to take a flight to Wuhan, and whoever wants to buy it should take the first one (flight), “he prayed. Liam’s controversial message that moments later he decided to erase.

Liam Gallagher’s tweet he decided to delete shortly after

Division of opinions among the followers ‘citizens’

Although it was not the correct way to express it, the truth is that many Manchester City fans agreed with Liam Gallagher that the shirt does not meet their tastes. However, the opinions could be said to have met all tastes, since there were people who criticized her and others who did not find it such a bad idea.

Among the main detractors were those who decided to ask themselves what the Puma designers were thinking about “making kits that look like broken glass and cells under a microscope.” In contrast to these, those who saw a shirt with a great future when saying that “it is the typical one that people hate when they take it out but within 10 or 20 years they will fight to buy it”. We will see if it ends up being official and, if it is done that way, it ends up liking its fans – although a season full of titles would surely help in its sales.