LGBTQ Pride Day: The Best and Worst Countries for Sightseeing

Next June 28 is LBBTQ Pride Day and for a few years, one of the industries that has seen a lot of growth since they have spread the celebrations for the vindication of the rights of this community is precisely that of tourism.

All over the world there are sites that are sold as authentic “paradises” for those who belong to the LGBTQ collective, where in addition to enjoying beautiful settings, they can live their lives far from any prejudice, above all, safe.

Unfortunately, there are still many cultural issues that in some regions continue to look very badly at those who openly declare themselves gay, which means that there are still marriage equality and anti-discrimination laws, sodomy laws, gay pride parade bans and worst of all, hate crimes.

Despite this, for almost 13 years, Spartacus, one of the most popular sites in the LGBTQ community, has been publishing its annual list called Gay Travel Index, through which they reveal which are the best and the worst countries to visit. that homosexual people do tourism.

To make the list, they take into account from political issues to issues such as the rights of intersex people and the prohibition of gender change procedures.

Here is a list of the best and worst countries for tourism in case you plan to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Day with a trip

The best countries for LGBTQ tourism

1) Canada

2) Malta

3) Sweden

4) Austria

5) Argentina

6) Netherlands

7) Spain

8) United Kingdom

9) Uruguay

The worst countries for LGBTQ tourism

1) Nigeria

2) Saudi Arabia

3) Malaysia

4) Malawi

5) Oman

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