LG would update some smartphones to Android 12

LG announced his exit from the smartphone market after years of economic losses. While there will be no new releases, the company has made a commitment to its consumers to support existing models. The above implies that some mobiles could be updated to Android 12.

Although the official announcement mentioned that LG will offer replacement parts and software updates, the technology website in South Korea offers more details. The above was captured by XDA, who reports that the manufacturer considers offering Android 12.

Will the product operating system update be provided after the business ends?

The operating system update will be compatible with the target models. The Android 11 update is currently in progress for select models and the Android 12 update as well. However, the OS upgrade plan is based on Google’s distribution schedule and product performance.

Upgrading to Android 12 not entirely confirmed, since LG ensures that plans depend on Google and the performance of phones. In case of going ahead, only three smartphones would be candidates to receive the next version of Android.

Which LG smartphones would be updated to Android 12?

LG V60 ThinQ - LG Android 12LG V60 ThinQ

Although its mobile division was in the red, LG was aggressive in 2020 and presented three high-end smartphones. These models would be candidates to upgrade to Android 12 if the technology continues with the initial plans.

The first of them is him V60 ThinQ, a terminal with a 6.8-inch screen to which a second display can be attached by means of a housing. Although LG planned to dazzle attendees at MWC 2020 with its new mobile, the coronavirus pandemic played against him and the device passed without pain or glory.

Added to the V60, the LG Velvet is another candidate to receive Android 12. The upper-mid-range model was announced in mid-2020 as an alternative to compete against OnePlus and other manufacturers. Finally there is the LG Wing, the rotating screen experiment with which they sought to revolutionize the field of folding and could never take off.

The upgrade to Android 12 is not a guarantee, although LG confirmed that the strategy to migrate to Android 11 will continue in the previously announced models.