LG will offer up to three years of Android updates after its exit from the market

04/08/2021 at 09:35 CEST

Antonio Vallejo Taslimi

As you well know, LG recently announced its withdrawal from the smartphone sector. The company had been in a loss for a long time and ultimately decided to close the division. After this decision, it was up in the air what would happen to users who had LG terminals. Today he announced the company that will follow supporting the user through updates for three more years.

LG has communicated this through a press release, where it specifies that those current premium-range terminals will continue to receive up to three new Android iterations from the year in which they were acquired. This means that if we have a device LG Velvet, Wing, or any of its V and G series launched from 2019 onwards, we will be guaranteed up to three years of new updates. When it comes to mid-range devices such as the Stylo or K seriesSome of them released in 2020 may receive updates. The company has not specified exact models in this regard yet, since everything will depend on Google’s agenda in its updates and the performance and compatibility of the device.

LG’s withdrawal from this market will take place officially in July of this year. During yesterday we could see new images of the future LG V70 and the rolling device of the firm, phones now canceled and that will not see the light finally.