LG stops making mobiles, but: what will happen now to those who already have one of their smartphones? | Technology

LG abandons the manufacture of mobiles and users fear for the support of their devices, but there is already news about it.

LG will stop making mobile phones. The news has just come through a company statement and many will have thought what will happen to your mobile support from now on. First of all, considering what company it is, it should be not worry about an immediate abandonment of this service, but we are going to tell you what is known.

Ending an area like cell phone manufacturing can in some cases mean that critical updates are stopped. There are not only the news of the operating systems, also the support in matters such as security against threats or solving problems that exist in the devices.

In the statement published by LG, it is reported that “support and software updates will be provided for customers of existing mobile products. for a period of time that will vary by region“. This phrase already means that there will not be an immediate abandonment of the users, but that devices will continue to be updated.

One of the most immediate concerns for LG mobile users may be what will happen to their mobiles in reference to Android, if they will be updated to Android 12 or will they remain as they are now. Fortunately, information on this has been posted on the company’s Korean website.

In XDA Developers they have translated and summarized the information published in this regard and first of all it has to be reassure clients that they continue with the plans they had above to update the devices to Android 12.

LG is the only OLED panel manufacturer in the world, which even manufactures panels for other brands. Who better than the manufacturer himself to guarantee the highest quality in the OLED panels that they mount on their own televisions?

Although it is true that LG is a company that tends to take updates to new versions of the operating system at a slower pace than others, it seems that these are continuing. Anyway, they warn that they will have to adjust to the times of Google and the performance of each mobile, so it may not reach all.

Surely, most users they will be more concerned for now regarding the same update to Android 11, which has not yet reached more than a few devices, but the report on the plans with Android 12 indicates that with this version they will surely continue

Now A complicated period opens for LG mobiles. There will probably be developers who stop taking these devices and their characteristics into account when shaping their programs and the usual thing is that a slow decline begins with increasing incompatibilities with software. Although at least there is the consolation of knowing that it will not be something immediate: LG will continue with the announced plans.