LG presents a new line of premium designer smartphones at affordable prices

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You are probably thinking of changing your cell phone and having a device that better accommodates all your possibilities. In case that is the case, we think you will be interested to know that LG introduced a new line of mid-range smartphones, which promise premium design at an affordable price.

We are talking about the new K2020 series, which is made up of the LG K42 models; LG 552 and LG K62. Each of these models are designed with different characteristics in order to meet different market sectors.

LG K2020 SeriesLG K2020 Series

The K2020 series offers an immersive experience

But what can we expect from these models? One of the most striking details is the improved displays of the new K-series devices. These are 6.6-inch HD + displays that offer cinematic viewing with their 20: 9 aspect ratio.

One of the points that allows the K2020 series screen to look attractive is that the front camera is hidden in a small hole. This leaves the front of the phones with slim, unobtrusive bezels.

However, the audiovisual experience of the K2020 series is not limited to the quality screen. The thing is, it also has support for the LG 3D Sound Ennigne, which provides a greater sense of immersion and offers authentic and detailed sounds. It is worth mentioning that this option is present in the K52 and K62 models.

Take quality photos

Another important point of cell phones are their photographic capabilities. After all, these are devices that we always carry with us and they become our best tool in various contexts.

This is why the new K-series devices offer a photography-quality experience. The K52 and K62 models have 48MP main cameras to capture sharp photos and videos. For its part, the K42 has a 13MP main lens. For its part, the K62 has a 28 MP front camera that should be more than enough for your selfies, especially thanks to its blur effects.

Something that will catch the attention of many is that some models of the K2020 series have the PDAF sensor. It is a device that allows you to capture clearer images, even in motion. For their part, the K52 and K62 models take advantage of Quad-Cell technology to deliver brighter photos.

Innovative mobiles

Finally, the new LG phones also have cutting-edge functions that make them very interesting. For example, they have a side fingerprint sensor so you can unlock it with one hand.

That’s not all, there is also the Dual App feature. It is a function that lets you install the same application twice. This with the aim that you can have 2 different sessions in the same application.

On the other hand, in terms of connectivity, the K52 and K62 models have the ability to connect to the 5GHz band of your new modem. It also highlights its 2.0 GHz Octa-Core processor, as well as its 4000 MaH battery.

Now, how much do they cost? We leave you the price list:

LG K42 – $ 5499 MXN LG K52 – $ 6269 MXN LG K62 – $ 6999 MXN

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