LG Prada, the mobile that tried to get ahead of the iPhone

The output of LG of the smartphone industry did not take anyone by surprise. The mobile division of dragged losses for years and its intention to sell it to a third party did not interest anyone. Despite this, the manufacturer had a significant number of fans thanks to its releases of yesteryear, like the LG Prada.

Before the iPhone came to dominate the mobile industry, LG used to sell millions of phones with novel features. Among the list of devices that innovated at the time is the model KE850, better known as «LG Prada».

The Prada was the first mobile with multi-touch screen that bet on the use of the fingers and not the stylus, something that is commonly attributed to the iPhone. Although its official announcement came 9 days after the iPhone, LG revealed the device in December and already had an award for best design.

The latter was what led the South Koreans to accuse Apple of plagiarism. Woo-Young Kwak, who served as LG’s head of research and development, said the iPhone copied the design of the Prada.

LG Prada KE850

Although both devices had a certain resemblance, the reality is that the LG Prada and the iPhone they differed in many respects. Yes, the design was similar and the user interface was icon-based, however, the Prada was not a smartphone.

The LG Prada was a collaboration between the technology and the Prada Group. Described as a sophisticated and elegant phone, combining technology with cutting-edge design, LG’s mobile aimed at the high end.

LG Prada

In terms of specifications, it had a 3 inch color screen, a main camera of 2 MP and 256 MB of internal memory. The Prada could connect to the internet by EDGE, open Office documents, and run popular java games by Gameloft.

The mobile was considered one of the best designs of 2007. After winning the iF Design Award, LG Prada took home the Red Dot Design Award for Best Device of the Year. The collaboration with Prada extended to two additional models, concluding with the Prada 3.0 running on Android.

The end of innovation?

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Before the launch of the Prada, LG was in a good time thanks to the success of Chocolate. The series had sold more than 21 million devices worldwide. This opened the door to experiment with new technologies on their new phones.

Although the Prada could never surpass its predecessor, the series is part of the latest attempts by manufacturers to innovate in design. After the launch of the iPhone, LG devoted its efforts to copying an established model and although it later corrected the course, its destination was already marked.